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Live-In vs Live-Out Housekeeper

Hiring a live-in housekeeper is a bit more complex than hiring a live-out cleaning lady , since the person you hire will be living with you and must be incorporated into your family life. 35% of housekeepers are willing to be live-in maids so there is definitely a chance for a family to find their perfect match. The effort of going through the search is worth it if your situation requires the assistance that only live-in housekeepers can provide.

There are many situations where having a live-in housekeeper is very convenient and worthwhile. Perhaps you’ve just had a baby, but both you and your spouse work. Maybe an elderly parent has come to live with you, or a health situation is requiring extra care. A live-in household help can reduce the stress on the family and be very valuable.

The Pros of a live-in housekeeper

  • A valued live-in housekeeper lightens your workload and helps you to enjoy your home, ensuring every day that it is clean and presentable, comfortable and well organized.

  • Live-in housekeepers do not have to spend time commuting, allowing for more time with your family

  • Many families pay live-in housekeepers a lower wage (between minimum wage and $18) because they provide room and board

  • Live-in housekeepers are a very convenient asset for a household and over time can become a “member of the family”

  • Both live-out and live-in housekeepers can sometimes take on additional tasks such as helping with the children, walking the dog and helping in times of emergencies.

  • Combined roles such as housekeeper/nanny and housekeeper/cook are also possible, but in all guises, the housekeeper uses a hands-on approach to provide essential domestic assistance for the entire household.

The Cons of a live-in housekeeper

  • As with any live-in employee a live-in housekeeper can sometimes feel invasive to a family’s privacy

  • Providing accommodations for a live-in housekeeper can be too costly or bothersome for some families

  • Because a live-in housekeeper will be around the house 24/7, if a family member does not get along with them it can be especially problematic

Deciding to hire a live-in housekeeper is a very big decision. There are many benefits and drawbacks and families should deliberate carefully to ensure that they are making the right choice. Live-in housekeeper can be very valuable for some but are definitely not a good fit for every family. We recommend hiring from an agency is the best decision.

What to consider when hiring a live-in vs live-out Housekeeper

  • Decide what you need to have done

  • Consider a Filipino Agency

  • Scope of work … cleaning, cooking, childcare?

  • How many hours of work per week?

  • If you just need a cleaner, there are many services that charge on hourly basis.

  • Privacy … how do you feel about having someone live with you?

  • Your living space … do you have an adequate maid’s room?

  • Cost … it really depends, but sometimes housekeeper require a higher salary for live-out, because they have to cover their own cost or rent

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