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Hire a Nanny/Baby Nurse

Child Care with Light Housekeeping

To start the search, please fill-out the Employer's Questionaire. A placement specialist will contact you within 24 hours or the next business day. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Baby Nurse - A Babynurse is a newborn specialist. Babynurses have a deep understanding of the developmental stages of newborns. Most have taken courses to stay current with the latest newborn philosophies and standards.

Babynurses will take special care of your newborn. They will help teach you how to care for your newborn, including bathing techniques, feeding, diapering, dressing, how to do the baby’s laundry and the maintenance of your baby’s room. They will help to get the baby on a schedule, which will also help the parent’s sleeping pattern once the Babynurse leaves.


Highly specialized, trained, and experienced person with newborns and infants. Baby nurse positions are typically a short-term position, 2 weeks to 6 months, to assist mothers with their newborns. Duties include initializing sleep, meal and play schedule, cleaning and sterilizing bottles, preparing bottles and feedings, keeping nursery tidy, bathing, and keeping a daily journal of the baby’s schedule. If requested they will accompany the mother to pediatrician appointments.

Salary: $20 to $35/hour ( Rates change for multiple children)

Nanny with light housekeeping wages vary across the country and depend on experience levels and whether you provide housing. Are you trying to figure out how much to pay your babysitter or nanny? It’s important to set a competitive rate to attract the most qualified applicants, but you also don’t want to overpay – a night out is already expensive enough! Use the table to compare rates nearby, then check out more tips below to set a rate for your babysitter or nanny.

The national average gross weekly salary for full time live-out nannies is $705. For full-time live-in nannies it's $652 — not a huge difference, though their job responsibilities tend to be more expansive and include household work.

Here's where it can get tricky, the number of hours. The government mandates nannies working more than 44 hours in a 5-day week get paid overtime which is normally 1.5 times your nanny's hourly rate.

Nanny w/ light housekeeping pay grade in NY based on 50-hour work week:

   Level I - $14-$15/hr less than a year experience (minimum $650-$700/week)

   Level II - $15-$18/hr for 1-2 years (min $700-$800/week)

   Level III - $18-$25/hr 2-5 years experience ($850-1000/week)

   Level IV - Over 5 yrs experience at least $25/hr or $1100-1500/week. Supernanny at least $30/hr or $1500-2500/week.

All-around Nanny (Childcare & full-housekeeping): Minimum $850/week

Nanny with driving: Minimum $950/week, at least 2 years experience and we have 2 weeks waitlist .

Note: Rate is higher for candidates with additional skills like full deep cleaning, driving, nutritionist, child development specialist, special needs specialist, Autism, ECI, ASD, etc..

Top Cities (Nanny rate based on 2 kids with light housekeeping with minimum experience and 50 hours work week)

Pay rates to nannies in major cities in the United States.

More Tips:

Try Out Before You Hire

If you are bringing on someone who lives locally, it's a good idea to have some sort of paid "tryout," so you can both see if there's a good fit. Even if you're considering hiring someone from another state, it's usually worthwhile to cover the cost of having them travel in for a long weekend.


Benefits For Full-Time Nannies

Full-time nannies can expect to receive some benefits along with their standard weekly or hourly nanny pay rates. For both live-in and live-out full-time nannies, benefits can include two weeks of paid vacation per year, paid days off during major holidays and health insurance. Live-in nannies get the additional benefit of room and board, including their own room and sometimes a private bath, as well. Some nannies get use of a car and a cell phone, too. These benefits typically apply to nannies who work 40 hours or more a week. Some nannies can work up to 60 hours a week. In exchange for hours in excess of 40 hours a week, nannies get paid overtime or paid time off to compensate them.


Pay older and more experienced sitters and nannies higher wages

There’s a difference in experience – both in life experience and child caring experience – between your neighbor’s 11-year-old daughter and a nanny of 10 years who is CPR and first aid certified. Take their education level and foreign language skills into consideration, too.


Additional responsibilities require higher pay

If you need your sitter or nanny to pick up the kids from school, help with homework, or perform household tasks like cooking dinner or cleaning, plan to pay more for the additional services.

Cost of living isn’t the only location-based factor to consider

It’s a given that caregivers in more expensive cities like Manhattan or San Francisco are more expensive than those in smaller Midwestern cities. But you’ll also need to think about how long it takes for the sitter or nanny to travel to work. If you live in a rural area where she has to drive 45 minutes each way, you might have to pay more to make it worth her time for a 2-hour babysitting job.

Once you find someone who’s great with your kids, consider giving them a raise

Once you find a sitter or nanny who both you and your kids love, you might consider adding $1 to their hourly rate. This is a great way to both show appreciation for their work and keep them around.

Be prepared to pay extra for special occasions

If you plan to hire a sitter for New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, you’ll need to pay more than your usual rate. Sitters are in high demand at these times.

Mannies For The Boys

Be open-minded about who you hire. One of the fastest growing trends? Mannies. Male nannies, who can be an especially good fit if you got young boys who could use a male role model or big-brother figure.


Where To Hire

Finally, An employment agency, also called a recruitment or staffing agency, is a place for job seekers to find permanent work. According to Investopedia, there are two types of employment agencies: employer-paid and applicant- paid. There are also temporary agencies, which are typically employer-paid and offer a much cheaper rate. FilipinosofNY fee is only a fraction of what normally an agency would ask from employers 15%-20% ($5,000-$12,000) of the first year salary of a nanny. FilipinosofNY referral fee is only one-time $750-$1200 per placement and offers a 60-day guarantee.

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