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Hire a Yacht / Ship Crew

To start the search, please fill-out the Employer's Questionaire. A placement specialist will contact you within 24 hours or the next business day. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

The ASEAN countries is the top supplier of seafarers in the world with around a million on board merchant shipping vessels and cruise ships around the world at any given time. Asians are the most preferred seafarers in the world because they are better trained, fluent in English, hard workers, skilled in housekeeping, cooking, mechanical and technical knowledge.


Asian seafarers comprise more than 50 percent of the 1.5 million mariners worldwide, making them the “single biggest nationality bloc” in the global shipping industry according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). 

Our seafarers work tirelessly, and often in difficult conditions, to ensure the safe sailing from one destination to another destination around the world. Asian seafarers work in various positions in the ship or yacht like mate officers, engineers, mechanical, electricians, housekeeping, office administration, entertainment and activities department.

Aside from the job positions mentioned above, service-oriented jobs like waiters, cooks, bar tenders, hair stylists and deck hands are needed in a cruise ship. Entertainers like singers, dancers and performers are also in-demand in floating hotel-like ships or big yacht.

Yacht Crew Position:

  • Captain - Has overall responsibility for running the yacht, including administration, HR and Accounts. The Captain is responsible for the navigation of the ship, the loading/discharge of cargo, voyage planning, radio communication, environmental issues, health and safety issues, administration duties and the control/safety of the crew and passengers. Masters, also known as Captains, are in overall command of the ship and are responsible for the safety, efficiency and commercial feasibility of the ship. Their duties are navigational at sea, whilst in ports they are responsible for cargo operations. 

  • 1st Mate / 1st Officer - Takes command of yacht from Captain when required. Shares Captain's responsibilities as required. Some of the responsibilities include the safe manning of the yacht, overseeing and managing all crew operations and maintenance, and a list of administrative and safety duties on board. Also, regularly takes bridge watches and often be responsible for the majority of the yachts passage planning and navigation.

  • HK Steward/ess - Attends to the Owner and guests and upkeep of the yacht interior. Stew is responsible for serving food to the crew and passengers, cleaning accommodation and public areas and serving the host family and guests.

  • Deckhand - Maintains and tidies exterior of the yacht. Operating the yachts 'toys', e.g. ribs, jet ski, submersibles, etc. Deckhand is responsible for cleaning, sweeping, chipping of rust, polishing, etc. He helps in loading and unloading of cargo and in port he assists in the mooring of the ship as well as taking a watch at sea. He is also a member of the emergency team, lifesaving, damage control, and safety equipment.

  • Bosun / 2nd Mate / 2nd Officer - Same duties as Deckhand, but also assists First Mate. Assisting and maintain mechanical and electrical operations. The Bosun is normally the main tender driver, he/she will have to know inside and out how all tenders and toys operate. Normally, will oversee activity on the passarelle, and serve in a security role ensuring guests are embarking and disembarking safely. This position requires you to be well versed in operating various vehicles, equipment and mechanised devices.

  • Chef / Sous-chef - Plans and prepares menus. Orders all kitchen provisions. Sous Chef is found in larger yachts, who work alongside the Head Chef, bearing all responsibility and assisting the Head Chef when necessary, as well as cooking for the crew. In some cases, the Sous Chef takes on a dual position as a crew cook, or a “Stew-Cook” where a Steward(ess) will take on the responsibility as a Steward(ess) and a cook. This is very common on smaller sized yachts, to funnel responsibilities of both a cook and steward into one.

  • Engineer - Maintenance and repair of everything mechanical and electrical on-board. Also for plumbing and heating. The Marine Engineers ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the ship’s mechanical and electrical equipment on-board, including carrying out repairs, inspections and maintenance programmes of propulsion systems, refrigeration machinery, desk machinery and passenger systems. They manage power, fuelling and distributions systems. The Chief Engineering Officer is in charge of the engineering department and is responsible for working of all equipment on-board be it electrical, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic.

  • Other (speciality positions) - Can include any requirements from Owner, including helicopter pilot, fitness instructor/beauty therapist, dive instructor, nannies and bodyguards.

Our Yacht/Ship crew seafarers have previous experience working in the yacht, restaurant, resort or cruise line. They hold health standard certifications, have a vast knowledge in their field and poses the following certifications below.

  • Certificate of Competency or Certificate of Equivalent Competency – specified to rank and flag of vessel

  • ENG1 or equivalent Medical

  • First Aid at Sea or Medical First Aid

  • Advanced Fire Fighting

  • CPSC & RB (Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats)

  • STCW Personal Survival Techniques

  • STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

  • STCW Elementary First Aid

  • STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

  • Security Awareness Training (Designated Security Duties training is now increasingly required by certain companies)

  • Crowd Management is sometimes required for larger vessels

  • Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) certification

Why hire from Filipinos of NY?​

  1. Exclusive Filipino workers database

  2. Competitive (lowest) rate in the market

  3. Phone interview

  4. Face-to-face interview

  5. Interpol search

  6. Nationwide Criminal Records Investigation (nationwide)

  7. Nationwide Sex and Violent Offenders Search

  8. Federal Bureau of Prisons (Nationwide)

  9. Coronavirus (COVID-19) test

  10. FDA Certified 12-Panel Drug Test

  11. Motor Vehicle Record Report

  12. Past References Verification

  13. Review of Social Media Accounts & entire web

  14. Code of Conduct (Do's & Don'ts)

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