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Hire Other Household Staff

To start the search, please fill-out the Employer's Questionaire. A placement specialist will contact you within 24 hours or the next business day. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our experienced household staff and all-arounder include:

  • Personal Assistant

  • House Manager

  • Estate Manager

  • Couple Caretaker

  • Butler

  • All-arounder

  • Handyman

  • Gardener

  • Laundress

  • Private Practice Assistant (PA/PT)

  • Driver

  • Massage Therapist

  • Doorman

  • Building Admin Staff

  • Office Admin Assistant

Household Manager / Estate Manager

Also know as butler, property manager, family manager or major-domo. Household Manager / Estate Manager was a term established in the mid 80s. House manager has now become the preferred title for any head of household administrator. However the other name titles are still in use.

The traditional duties were seeing to the comfort of the family and managing the other staff members along with the day-to-day operation of the residence.

Today’s duties: Candidates for these positions today are highly experienced or formally trained. They supervise and coordinate activities of the household and all household employees; and in the U.S. with much less formality. They are computer literate, responsible for household security, maintaining the inventory of household supplies and running all family errands. Depending on the size of the staff, or home, he or she may have cooking and cleaning duties and be the only staff member.

If the employer has more than one residence, the house manager may work at the different properties as necessary. Duties might also include managing financial accounts, seasonal opening and closing of all residences and acting as a personal assistant.


Salaries: $45,000.00 – $200,000.00 depending on experience, number of properties and staff, location of job.



Private Chef

Also called cook, recipe cook, and personal chef. The personal chef is always professionally trained and experienced in the preparation of most cuisines. Trained chefs are responsible for all nutrition, menu planning and preparation of household meals for the family and guests and any dinner parties or events. Duties include all food purchases, maintaining kitchen supplies, daily organization and cleanliness of kitchen. Also serving and clean up, depending on the household’s staff situation.

Recipe cook or cook is someone who is familiar and comfortable in the kitchen with basis cooking techniques. Cooking is not the main focus of their position in the home. Normally they have other primary duties in the home; housekeeping, laundry, ironing, etc.


Salaries: $60,000.00 – $85,000.00 for an established chef, $35,000.00 - $48,000.00 for a private chef with limited experience.


Couples Caretaker

Over the years the traditional roles of these positions have stayed constant. Experienced, usually married, they work as a team. Traditionally they are live-in and the responsibilities are delineated by male and female roles. The female duties include maintenance of the inside of residence, including housekeeping, laundry, ironing, household errands, and cooking. The male duties include all exterior maintenance of property, the heavier housekeeping duties inside the residence and some gardening and handyman duties.

Salaries: Established couple who work on large estates (higher end of the scale if one or the other is a trained chef).

                 Driving & family cook - $80,000 to $200,000 for two people

                 Non-driving & basic cooking - $60,000 to $80,000 for two people


Driver / Handyman / Gardener

The job role has changed very little over the years. Traditional duties: Always a male and in full charge of maintaining the gentleman of the residence. Duties included maintenance and appearance of all automobiles, valet duties for the gentleman, and daily driving to all appointments and events.

Today’s duties: In some of the larger US cities, many families have a full-time chauffeur/driver. But for the majority of driving positions, driving is a very small part of the duties. Depending on the family’s lifestyle, the responsibilities could range from maintaining the operation of employer’s automobiles, handyman duties, gardening, heavy housekeeping, errands, and occasionally valet duties.

Salaries: $18-$25- per hour



A broad knowledge of caring for fine fabrics, linens and clothing. The role of a laundress has changed only with being experienced with the newer fabric products and technology of washers, dryers and the different pressing, steaming and rotary irons.

Traditional duties: Full charge of all household laundry and ironing. Preparing clothing for wash, stain removal, check for any minor repairs (tears, rips, buttons, hems, etc.), hand washing, press, iron or steam, folding and putting away all laundry, pick up of dry cleaning, and closet and wardrobe organization.

Salaries: $18-$35 per hour

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