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Hiring a Domestic Couple Caretaker

A Domestic Estate Couple Caretaker works as a team to provide a broad range of services and skills to an individual or family and the home’s guests. The Couples registered with FilipinosofNY often multi-task, covering such jobs as household maintenance, driving, gardening, basic repairs, run errands, cleaning, cooking, shopping, pet care, shopping and childcare. A Domestic Couple is usually married. One partner oversees the inside of the home, with responsibilities including cleaning, cooking, shopping, menu planning, laundry, serving and overseeing the daily activities of the house. The second partner is responsible for the outside grounds, gardening, light maintenance, pool maintenance, exterior repairs as well as repairs and maintenance of machinery and vehicle care. Domestic Couple requirements: • Demonstrate an employment history that proves expertise across a wide range of tasks. • Address household maintenance and repair needs before they become problems — and anticipate the needs of the employer in advance of being asked. • Maintain the household budget, supply inventory, outsourcing services when necessary. • Demonstrate the personal attributes that define success in the role. A qualified Estate Couple must demonstrate trustworthiness, discretion and a service-oriented mindset. In addition, a Domestic Couple must meet the specific requirements as defined by the employer.

Why Filipinos of NY? Filipinos of New York are an international leader in recruiting Domestic Couples. Our strict, unparalleled and personalized hiring process is one of a kind. We get to know your family’s requirements using below Employer's Form and then search for the perfect candidates match based on what you tell us. All our household worker applicants have passed a thorough application and interview process and meet specific criteria before we even put them into our system of highly qualified candidates. If your Domestic Couple does not meet your needs within 8 weeks, we will source a different Couple at no charge.

  1. Exclusive Filipino workers database

  2. English is the Philippines second national language

  3. Competitive (lowest) rate in the market

  4. Our candidates has extensive experiences and verified references

  5. Zero-fee policy from the applicants

  6. Phone interview

  7. Face-to-face interview

  8. Interpol search

  9. Nationwide Criminal Records Investigation (nationwide)

  10. Nationwide Sex and Violent Offenders Search

  11. Federal Bureau of Prisons (Nationwide)

  12. Mugshot & dirty photo search

  13. Philippine NBI Criminal Records

  14. FDA Certified 12-Panel Drug Test

  15. Motor Vehicle Record Report

  16. Past References Verification

  17. Review of Social Media Accounts & entire web

  18. Code of Conduct (Do's & Don'ts)

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